Claims System

The Claims System is now available for registration.

Registration is completed in three stages.  Form 1 collects information about the person who is responsible for online activities.  The claims process also requires completion of Forms 2 and 3 for each Class Member, as well as the submission of the required documents on or before the November 25, 2013 claims bar deadline.

The Claims System is used for all Claim Activities including:

  • Registering a Claim to participate in the Settlement.
  • Communicating with the Administrator with respect to a Claim.
  • Editing a Claim.
  • Uploading supporting documents to attach to a Claim.
  • Preparing a Fax Cover Sheet to fax documents to attach to a Claim.

Please note:  The Administrator is planning a public meeting to assist Class Members with their claims; after Labour Day, once arrangements for the event have been finalized, the Administrator will update this website and send an email to Class Members with event details.